Win weight loss goals while drinking wine

Drinking wine and losing weight sure don’t really go hand in hand together, yet you can make it work!

Over the past few months, I’ve been on Weight Watchers. I managed to reach my goal weight and maintain my weight drinking wine. Some weeks, I’d be taking wine classes at San Diego State, and we could be tasting up to 21 wines per night. Lots of little sips for sure!

Here are 6 tips to whittle your waistline while enjoying wine!

1) Plan your meals so that you can enjoy a glass of wine. This means being mindful of what you are eating throughout the week and during the day so that you have points left over for a glass of wine.

2) Stick to one glass! Sip slowly and savour! This might be hard, yet I’ve found that this helps!

3) Drink from a smaller glass. I sometimes use these glasses when I’m cooking my dinner. I’ll have two small glasses. One before dinner, and one with my meal. These are the type of glasses that you’ll get when attending events. The smaller one holds 5 oz. full, so I’ll often pour a half glass if I’m wanting two glasses of wine.

4) Use Weight Watchers glasses. They make a stemmed and unstemmed glass. These glasses are marked showing 5 oz., 6 oz. and 8 oz. servings. 


5) Try Weight Watchers Cense Wine. I’ve just sampled their Sauvignon Blanc Wine. It’s only 3 points for a 5 oz. glass. I found it quite tart, like biting into a Granny Smith apple. They also make a rosé. Here is a Weight Watcher’s recipe for a fruity sangria using Cense wine.


6) Make a spritzer! Half wine – half seltzer. A friend reminded me of this one!

Be good to yourself! Enjoy your wine and have a healthy lifestyle. 





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