Pretty in Pink – Rosé with Salmon?

This week I was up in Victoria, BC – a great place to experience local fresh Sockeye Salmon, and taste some BC wine.

I stopped off at Vessel, a local Victoria wine store. I got curious – could you really pair a rosé with salmon? With salmon, you often pair it with something that will complement the richer fattier fish. For example, you often pair salmon with Chardonnay, Viognier, a full bodied white, or Pinot Noir. We were going to be having sockeye salmon, which has its own unique flavour, and it was going to be prepared using a chili-lime marinade. 

I consulted with one of the folks at Vessel and asked for a Canadian wine that I could pair with this dish. Thought I’d try the Narrative Rosé by Okanagan Crush Pad. This winery is located in Summerland, BC. 

The Okanagan area is famous for its wineries and fruit orchards. If you’ve never been to British Columbia in the summer, I highly suggest a trip to their wineries. The Okanagan region in British Columbia is known for great wines with 182 wineries to visit! It’s a very short growing season with dry hot summers and snowy winter conditions.

What makes Okanagan Crush Pad, a state of the art winery unique, is that it has Canada’s first purpose-built crush facility, where several wine labels are producted. Large concrete tanks are used in the wine making. Next time I’m in the area, I’d like to take a look at these tanks as I’ve not seen these before.

I’m glad that I experienced this Narrative rosé. It was fruity and crisp – a delightful pairing with the salmon. Nothing ventured – nothing gained! Sometimes it’s worth the venture!