Opting for a ‘Dry’ January?

Is anybody else out there feeling like they need to take a break from their alcohol intake? A friend and I were talking about our food and drink excess over the holidays. It just seemed like there were more times to have a celebratory drink. A birthday celebration, more dinners out, social visits, pre-holiday, holiday, post-holiday etc. I’m in need of a break as much as I enjoy that glass of wine with dinner!

The Finnish government initiated “Sober January” as part of the war effort in 1942. The “Dry January” habit started in the UK a few years ago by Alcohol Change, and now is becoming a worldwide practice after the holidays. 

What are the benefits you ask? The Today show highlights some tips here.

By taking a short break from alcohol you might feel the benefits of sleeping better, losing weight and having more energy. To help you break the habit of reaching for that glass of wine, you might need to think of a replacement habit. Will you meditate, exercise or change your routine?

In this cool weather, you might think about warming up some hot cider, hot chocolate, different teas, or water with lemon. Add a splash of fruit juice to some sparkling water such as cranberry and soda. You can get creative with cocktails and create mocktails like a non-alcoholic mohito with lime and mint.

Let me know how it goes! I’m committed to no alcohol until the end of this month before my next wine tasting event. I’m exercising in the evenings, and drinking sparkling water in a wine glass. Best of luck!