A Favourite – Frequency Wines in Santa Barbara

As soon as I walked in the door here, I felt the welcoming vibe! Frequency is a family run winery with Zac Wasserman as the Winemaker, sister Almond as the Producer and Mum, who is listed as the palm reader! – Maria Wasserman. Zac has this uncanny ability to taste a grape and envision the final product. It was interesting to hear that Almond talked her pre-med brother into applying his chemistry skills to this line of work. Almond ended up leaving her job as well so they could both pursue their dream.

This became one of my all time favorite wineries. Almond was friendly and knowledgeable about the wine, and she  also guided me to other wineries and restaurants in and outside of town. What I loved most about their wines, was the freshness and clean feeling on the palate. The wines were all nicely balanced. All of their wines receive 90+ ratings. I took a bottle of the 2017 GSM to friends in Annapolis, and they recently bought a case!

The 2017 GSM is Grenache heavy and the grapes come from three different vineyards. The aroma of  sour cherry and cranberry, and tasted a bit of Jolly Rancher red. Nice clean finish. I compared this wine to the Artist Series GSM which has equal parts of all three grapes from one vineyard in Los Alamos. This wine was spicier, and more blueberry than the other one. You’ll have to see what you prefer and let me know!

The 2017 Pinot Noir was fruity and a little spicy. Delicious! The 2017 Grenache had an aroma of cherry-  juicy with a little hint of cola from the Colson Canyon Vineyard. This was great too!

I highly recommend you frequent Frequency while you are in Santa Barbara. I can’t wait to go there again!! Drop me a line and let me know what you try – Cheers!