Drink Wine to save the Rhinos

Did you know that by drinking Rhino Run wine you can save Rhino’s from extinction – one glass at a time! South Africa is home to 83% of Africa’s Rhino’s. In 2021, 241 Rhino’s were killed, and poaching has been increasing in the past 6 years.  Since 2008, South Africa has lost an estimated 7,000 Rhinos.

Rhino’s horns are made of keratin protein and are used in Chinese medicine and to demonstrate wealth.  Although there has been no evidence to support claims of Rhino horn being a beneficial medicine, this illegal practice still continues, and the Rhino’s are in danger of not existing in our future.

Van Loveren, South Africa’s largest privately owned wine producer creates the Rhino Run range of wines. They have committed to raising funds to save both the black and white Rhino. The main beneficiary of fundraising efforts is the Player Ntombela Foundation, which carries on the work of legendary Rhino conservationist Dr. Ian Player.

I received two wines as part of a sponsored tasting from Wine 4 Winners, who represents this wine brand. We had opportunity to taste the 2021 Rhino Run Chenin Blanc and the 2020 Rhino Run Pinotage. 

The 2021 Rhino Run Chenin Blanc was created to honour the White Rhino. This medium bodied white wine has a lovely straw colour with aromas of peaches with a hint of grapefruit. On the palate, there is pear, honey, with a hint of peach. I was curious to see how the wine would stand up to spicy food. For fun, we tried some Hatch Chile snacks with this wine to start. We then had a green chicken curry with a spicy, asian inspired cucumber salad. This wine was a great complement to spicy food and balanced and mellowed out the spice. 

We then tasted the 2020 Rhino Run Pinotage. This red wine is interesting – it’s a varietal from crossing Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. It’s dark inky purple with medium body. On the nose there is a black fruit, with some spicy notes. Tasting it, I noticed plum sauce, blackberry, red pepper with a hint of smoke. This wine also paired well with the spicy foods, and it would also be great with some barbequed ribs.

  I also tasted this wine with our chocolate pots de creme dessert and that was a nice contrasting pairing. The dessert was smooth and creamy while the Pinotage provided an interesting balance and good match.

If you’ve not had either of these South African varietals, then I suggest you give them a try, especially if you are having some spicy food! Contact Wine 4 Winners to place your order.

As I’m from San Diego, I couldn’t resist posting this video of the baby Rhino.

Please help us save these animals from the poachers and extinction by drinking one glass of Rhino Run at a time.