Dija Mara – Destination for Natural Wine

Dija Mara is known for the only place serving Natural Wine in Oceanside, CA. 

So what the heck is ‘Natural Wine’? Think of this wine being made with the least amount of intervention. Very little or no chemicals or additives. It has no added yeast, and is often harvested by hand. Most of the wine looks cloudy as there are no fining elements added to make it look clear. There can be a slight yeasty and sour taste. I often will taste a freshness to the wine, like drinking a craft hefeweizen beer.

Simran Soin, an owner, is dedicated and passionate about serving Natural Wine from around the globe. For example, I enjoyed the 2019 Fakin Teran Rosé from Istria, Croatia. The wine list changes frequently.and there are some great cocktails and beer too. Featuring a Balinese inspired menu and infused cocktails, and local craft beer, what’s not to like!

 I really enjoyed the charred eggplant topped with fried shallots. Nice flavour with some heat and texture. On my first visit for brunch I had the spicy eggplant bowl topped with an egg. You’ll notice that I had a delicious roasted pineapple/orange mimosa. I highly recommend a visit there to enjoy the delicious menu, natural wine, craft beer, or infused cocktails. Cheers!!