Wine for a Cause

If you are looking for a way to give back while drinking wine, here is an idea!

While taking one of my classes in SDSU’s ‘Business of Wine’ Program I met Alex. Alex is passionate about wine and also is passionate about pugs! She hosts wine parties that donate 10% of the profits to Pug Rescue. 

Interested?? There are a couple of ways to drink wine and give back. One way is to purchase wine and products on the ONEHOPE website. ONEHOPE partners with non-profit organizations and provides a percentage of their profits to their non-profit partners. Their non-profit partners are vetted using a 15 point system. Another way, is to host a party, and choose a 503C charity of your choosing, with 10% of the proceeds going to your selected charity.

ONEHOPE was founded by eight friends in their 20’s interested in working together, while providing an impact.

ONEHOPE has made more than $3 million in donations including:

* Providing 46,000 with global health care

* 49,000 forever homes for shelter animals

* 1.8 million meals for children

In case you are wondering about the wine, ONEHOPE had connected with Michael Mondavi at a trade show. The wines are custom blended for ONEHOPE by the Mondavi vineyards. These wines have won awards and an over 90% rating.

If you are local to the San Diego area, please get in touch with Alex Layson @ to host a wine party for you. You can buy ONEHOPE products, or host your own wine party!

Let me know how it goes!!

Published by Jennifer Whitcomb

Welcome to Beyond the Corkscrew! I'm passionate about wine and I'm here to make wine less intimidating, share a little knowledge, and inspire you to enjoy wine. I'm in SDSU's "Business of Wine" Certificate Program and have been enhancing my knowledge of wine and expanding my wine palate.

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